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Rob Maas and Jeroen Manders have made C-ZONE “the place to see”..

They had the excellent idea of bringing a breath of fresh air to opticians’ stores by offering what must be the widest range of metal frames on the market. The French collection includes 60 designs available in 4 shades, divided into 3 collections for men, women and children. C-Zone frames are made from stainless steel (nickel-free).

Today, the brand is diversifying by using other materials such as epoxy and ultem.

Ultem is a high-performance thermoplastic material, like TR90 but with even more advantages. Thinner, lighter, more flexible and far more hard-wearing… An ultem arm will bend but never break.

The designs alternate between matt and glossy finishes, using lacquers by Berlac, a Swiss brand known for its exceptional colour palette. Their amazing resistance is much appreciated by car manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW.

You’ll also find materials such as cork, denim, wood, silk and more, for Rob and Jeroen’s imagination apparently knows no bounds…